Case study

Case study: Zeren Software’s Cloud Cost Optimization Project for a Major Media Client

Case study: Zeren Software’s Cloud Cost Optimization Project for a Major Media Client

Client Overview

We collaborate with a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, representing approximately 2400 companies within the marketing sector. The client conglomerate spans various sectors including Media, Data, Public Relations, Brand Consulting, Production, Health & Wellness, and Integrated Networks. Headquartered in the UK, the client embarked on a significant cloud transformation journey, migrating hundreds of applications from on-premises infrastructure to leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


The client faced the challenge of efficiently managing the cloud transformation of its entire group, encompassing a diverse range of applications across multiple business verticals. With the migration to cloud platforms, there was a pressing need to optimize cloud costs without compromising application performance and quality. The client sought a partner with expertise in cloud cost optimization to ensure the success of this transformation initiative.


Zeren Software deployed a specialized team of experts comprising roles such as Team Lead, Senior Cloud Engineer, FinOps Specialist, and Project Manager to address the client’s cloud cost optimization needs. Leveraging their experience with tools such as IBM Turbonomic and CloudHealth, the team meticulously analyzed the client’s cloud usage and performance metrics. By closely collaborating with the client’s DevOps and technical teams, Zeren Software team developed tailored cost optimization strategies while ensuring the continued quality and performance of applications.


The Zeren Software team employed a proactive approach, engaging with client stakeholders including heads of operations in the respective companies and application owners. Through effective communication and collaboration, they gained insights into the specific requirements and challenges of each application. Utilizing their planning and execution skills, the team implemented targeted cost optimization solutions, leveraging intelligent automation and AI-powered insights provided by IBM Turbonomic.


Within just three months of project initiation, the client witnessed a significant reduction in cloud costs across a subset of applications, marked by a notable 2.7 mil USD decrease in expenditure. This initial success validated the effectiveness of Zeren Software’s approach and solidified their partnership with the client. Encouraged by these results, the client expressed intent to expand the optimization efforts to encompass the remaining applications slated for cloud migration.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zeren Software’s collaborative approach, coupled with deep expertise in cloud cost optimization, enabled the client to achieve tangible results within a short timeframe.
  • Effective communication and engagement with client stakeholders were instrumental in understanding unique requirements and driving successful outcomes.
  • Leveraging advanced tools such as IBM Turbonomic and CloudHealth empowered the team to develop tailored optimization strategies, balancing cost efficiency with application performance.

Future Outlook

As the client’s cloud transformation journey continues, Zeren Software remains committed to optimizing costs and maximizing the value of cloud investments. With ongoing collaboration and innovation, the partnership between Zeren Software and the client is poised for further success in achieving cloud cost optimization objectives across the entire application portfolio.

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