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Welcome to Zeren, where innovation meets excellence! Situated at the heart of Bucharest, we redefine the IT landscape with bespoke software solutions, AI-driven strategies, staff augmentation and transformative digital consultancy. Dive into our world where every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

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Transforming ideas into impact
bespoke software
Tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs.
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artificial intelligence
Harness the power of AI to unlock new potential.
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digital consultancy and transformation
Transform your business with our expert consultants.
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staff augmentation
Extend your team’s capabilities with our top-tier IT professionals.
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Explore our core services designed to propel your business into the future

Trusted Excellence
Certified and partnered for success

At Zeren, we pride ourselves on our certifications and partnerships. Our ISO certifications and collaborations with industry leaders underscore our commitment to quality and innovation.

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Tech Staffing in Romania
A Global advantage
Discover the strategic edge of tech staffing in Romania. Leverage our vast pool of multilingual, highly skilled, experienced IT professionals for your global projects. Romania, with its rich tech heritage and strategic location, offers unparalleled advantages in tech staffing.
Leverage global talent
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Tailored delivery models for every need
Custom solutions to drive your success.

We understand that every project has unique requirements. That's why we offer a range of delivery models, each designed to align with your specific goals and business dynamics. Each model is designed with efficiency, scalability, and quality in mind, ensuring that we deliver not just solutions, but value at every step of your project

Fixed Scope Projects
Precise solutions for well-defined project scopes.
Time and Material
Flexible engagement for evolving project needs.
Staff Augmentation
Enhance your team with our skilled professionals.
Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
Seamless transition from development to operation.
Software Development Outsourcing
Expert external assistance for your software projects
Our success stories
Where vision meets reality

Explore our portfolio of success stories. Witness how our approach to embracing change and creating value has positively influenced businesses and stakeholders in various sectors.

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Where your talent meets opportunity
innovation and excellence. Work with cutting-edge technologies and be a part of a team that shapes change together.
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Gain valuable insights from our experts. Our blog is a treasure trove of information, keeping you updated with the latest trends and technologies in IT

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16 Most Common Questions About IT Staff Augmentation Answered by Experts
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AI: The Future of Dev!
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